God Bless NYCC!

Veni, Vidi, Comicsi? This is a very loose adaptation of the famous Roman quote. And I think it’s very much appropriate to describe my feelings after New York Comic Con this year. An edition like no other (until the next one)…

There’s a lot I could say about NYCC. It was the second time I had a booth at an American show and boy, it’s been fantastic.
I love the American audience. They’ll come to your booth, and will hear you out. Will be happy to discover your work even if they have NO idea of who you are. Many came just because they knew I co-wrote Spider-Man Noir and Edge of Spider-Verse#1 but never heard about ONE-HIT WONDER. But most of them were just happy to buy it just to see what I came up with. It’s just wonderful to be able to share passion directly with the audience, no filter.

To the most reluctant ones, I would make an offer ‘they couldn’t refuse’ (hey, this is a Mafia based book, so a Godfather ref cannot hurt): “buy issue #1 and if you like it, come back tomorrow, buy the rest of the available issues and I offer you a discount”. Believe it or not, everyone came back! This is really cool and humbling. Promoting your work, is 50% of the equation. And I knew, from early on, that coming to shows helps building a books cred a lot. But I couldn’t imagine how great it would be.

Artist Alley, is a great place for creators to be. Even though there’s a lot of competition between us, it’s nice to be able to go to other creators to tell them how much we love each other’s work. This one of the things I like the most about the comic book industry. Creators can be fans of each other and it’s not cheesy. I had the pleasure to meet some creators I really like in the flesh, like Ales Kot, who I’ve been following for a while (and is truly gifted) and of course, see familiar faces again. The good and the bad thing about AA at the NYCC, is that the con people, ReedPop, closed the main hall friday and saturday one hour before Artist Alley. Which allowed people to come over to us for an extra hour. Good thing. Even though it’s exhausting.

I didn’t really have time to explore the main hall. I have regrets about that, but having to stick at my booth it was hard. I regret that there weren’t that many editors at the show (or so hard to reach). It’s always nice to see editorial at those shows. Next time, maybe! 🙂

Overall, NYCC was great. I’ll definitely be back for NY Special Edition in June with my next project hopefully in hand.

After the con, I was invited once again for a signing at Escape Pod Comics in Huntington, NY. This is a lovely town in Long Island, about 1.15hr from Manhattan. Menachem Luchins, the store owner is one passionate fellow. He had other creators before I came, like Alex DeCampi, Becky Cloonan or Anthony Johnston. I was the last on the list. Not many people showed up, but I really like going there and I’m always happy to go to stores for signings.

Retailers are very important. As creators, it’s our duty to help them sell OUR books. So comic stores, if you want me… Write me! I’ll gladly visit you and we’ll have fun. 🙂

To be continued.




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