Busy summer: SPIDEY NOIR, HAREM, OHW,…

I consider myself a semi-regular writer, as, due to other commitments, I can’t write 2 or 3 series a month. I also like to take my time on projects. And, last but not least, most of my comic books are creator-owned, which implies I have to find ways to finance them before. Anyhow, this summer is, by far, my busiest one to date, comic book wise. Who wants to see what I’m doing now?


Let’s do things chronologically:

The new issue is finished and going to the printer. It’ll be available early september. That was another tough one for Stephen, but he delivered quality once again. It’s the issue of all reveals… Not to be missed!
As you can see on the left, it’s a very 70s issue! Colors are still handled by the amazing Lisa Jackson. And this journey’s not over, as issue #5, with lots of surprises, is expect to drop by the Fall with… 29 pages of explosive art! How about that for a finale?



I realize Nick Lowe and Marvel made a beautiful gift to Dave, Richard and myself by placing our episode as the introduction to the Spider-Verse crossover ancillary series. We’ll get great sales. Could it mean there’ll be more Spider-Man Noir in the future? I have no idea at this point. But I’d love to. And Richard Isanove has been more than a great replacement for Carmine. He just delivered a classy high-end beautifully rendered version of Spidey Noir. I saw all the finished pages. And god, they’re awesome. Richard is the best. Marvel just released the first 6 pages today, so I took the liberty of sharing with you a little something, the original pencils that Richard did of the first panel of the first page.


3) HAREM#1
My next project with Leila Leiz is moving along really fine. Leila just turned in the thumbnails for the first 5 pages as well as the definitive versions of the characters for the bible. I’m not disclosing any new art at this point, as Leila and myself will start counting down to the release of issue #1 by posting new art every week starting this september. Be prepared! 🙂

Life is full of surprises. I was in my car when I got the idea for a post-apocalyptic series that would be, sort of a Y the last man meets the Matrix. I finished the plot to issue #1. The artist (not revealing now who he is!) will start designing the series in the next few weeks. Will try to run No Future with Harem simultaneously.
I’ll reveal more about this project at NYCC this october, for those who’ll stop by my booth to ask me about it. So if you’re curious, you know what to do!

As always, feedback will be appreciated. And don’t hesitate to PM me to say ‘hi’, talk comics or ask a question about the projects.
Looking forward to sharing stories with you!


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