Spider-Man Noir is Back!

ComicBookRessources made it official today, David Hine and myself are going back to Spider-Man Noir pretty soon, through the massive Edge of Spider-Verse crossover masterminded by Dan Slott and editor Nick Lowe!

I always had a special place in my heart for Spider-Man Noir. It’s been my first professional comic book project. An idea I had one day in december 2006 and that I shared with Dave Hine. When Nick Lowe approached Dave first (because my email had changed), he said “I’ll do it if Fabrice is involved”. And involved I have been.

The concept is to bring all versions of Spider-Man together in a  big massive event that will have repercussions in Peter Parker’s life FOREVER (yes, aren’t all the crossovers about that?).

I didn’t know Nick Lowe before and I have to say now that I started to work with him, that he’s the kind of editor I like. He’s passionate about comics. He loves them. He loves Spider-Man. And that shows. When we showed him our plan, he asked the right questions, came back with interesting notes and offered us the feedback we needed. We’ve been blessed with Spider-Man Noir.

Blessed that this series found immediately an audience. Blessed that Marvel let us write two mini-series and is now bringing us back to tell another tale about this incredibly rich character. And blessed that among all projects under the Marvel Noir banner, only ours stood the test of time (funny for a period book).

SO… What’s in store for this encore?

Well, first, our Spider-Man Noir is in a very different place in his life. Time has passed. New enemies come to New York and they’re here for blood!

I’m not going to spoil everything, but I think that if you liked the first Spidey Noir series, you’ll love this episode. It’s part of the Edge of Spider-Verse saga, but it’s very Noir. It has the same flavor Dave and I created in the previous installments. Plotting the story with Dave came naturally. We hadn’t written together for years, but it was just like riding a bike!

“La cerise sur le gateau”? Richard Isanove is the artist on our book. I’ve known Richard for 16 years and I’m glad I can call him a friend. I joked that it’s the first Marvel comic ever where all creators speak French (Dave is fluent in French too). I couldn’t be more excited.

So don’t miss it. It’s in september. It’s a mini-series called “Edge of Spider-Verse”. It’s from Marvel. And one episode is written by Dave Hine and yours truly with art by Richard Isanove.

To be continued…



Below : art from the new Spider-Man Noir episode by Richard Isanove, brought by Comic Book Resources.




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