The Special Edition: NY Surprise!

For my first appearance in an artist alley at an American convention (at the NY Special Edition show), I had to bring something fresh and (hopefully) exciting:

I created my very first ashcan!

For a writer, it’s always a challenge to bring something like that to life. In independent comics, a writer is often also a conductor. Yet, putting together such a tool is incredibly rewarding, and I felt humble, designing every page. I feel honored to have artists such as Ariel Olivetti, Tom Lyle, Stephen Thompson, Lisa Jackson, Leila Leiz, Louis, Yishan Li, Jean-Marie Minguez or Little Ginkgo by my side. They’re all featured in the ashcan which includes some exclusive bonuses from my current series, One Hit Wonder, as well as projects I have.

You want to know what’s in store for me in the comic book world? You can get it first at the NY Special Edition convention, and at all my appearances through 2014.
Looking forward to hearing what you all think about that!




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