Tales from the #FCBD (1)

Today was Free Comic Book Day, in every comic book shop in the world, including the ones in Paris, where I am right now. It may seem odd, but that was the first time I went to a comic shop for that special day (in fact, I visited three). The fact that I actually have a series out these days made it an easy decision. But what I found was very very surprising…

First stop was at Comics Records. It’s a lovely shop located in the 3rd Arrondissement of Paris, near Place de la République. The owner is Philippe (pictured with me), a terrific guy with so many superhero tattoos that I lost track of how many he has.


He founded this store about a year and a half ago and he sells used vinyls and comics. Things look pretty good for him.

For his first official Free Comic Book Day, he welcomed indie creator Derf Backderf (http://www.caetla.fr/spip.php?article106) for a signing with his translated books: My Friend Dhamer, Punk Rock and Mobile Homes (published in France by Ça et Là Editions, and Abrams in the US). My Friend Dhamer won a prestigious “Fauve” price at the last Angouleme International Comic Festival.

It was nice to meet him for the first time and see how, whether you’re working for the big guns or the little labels (or yourself), Free Comic Book Day is important to all of us.

To be continued…



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