French superheroes can rock, you know?

I usually don’t like French superheroes. I always believed that superheroes were an American thing and that every attempt to mimic our english speaking cousins was destined to fail creatively. But yesterday, I had an epiphany. Well, not really but something changed.

I had lunch with my old friend Thierry Mornet and he offered me a copy of a book written by his doppelganger, Terry Stillborn : “Le Garde Républicain” (the Republican Guardsman).
At first, I thought it was another bad idea. But I trusted Thierry’s judgement when he said it was a good one.

He was right. “Le Garde Républicain” is a pleasant surprise. Solid art. Great dialogue. It’s pure old school comic book fun.
And for those who ask, the book, already in print in French, will soon be available in english as a digital comic. What are you waiting for?

For more info :




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