#2Guns… Lots of ammo!

I saw 2Guns, the movie, yesterday. And I have to say I loved it. It’s always exciting to see a comic book that is NOT Marvel or DC turned into a movie. Especially when this movie is good (I think we had our share of bad comic book movies, don’t you think?).

I remember the first time I ever heard of 2Guns. It was in 2008. I was covering the NY Comic Con (in April that year) for COMIC BOX and I was hailed by Ross Richie, the co-founder and boss of Boom! Studios in the alleys. I’ve met Ross for the first time the year before in San Diego. I didn’t think he’d remember me after seeing so many people. But he did. I learned afterwards that Ross Richie’s superpower is his incredible memory 😉
So I was at their booth and I had a camera so I asked him to present the Boom Studios comics to the French readers (only one Boom title had been published in France at that time). He was pleased to do it. And he spent a few minutes insisting on 2 Guns.

I admit I wasn’t impressed by the art. I liked the covers (from Rafael Albuquerque) but the interior art wasn’t my cup of tea. So I overlooked it. A few years later, I came back to see Boom! Studios, to buy material for Atlantic BD, the label I was helping Moïse Kissous to create. 2 Guns was re-offered. But I still overlooked it. I remembered how much I didn’t like the art.

But I was SO wrong. I went to see the movie and I came out asking myself how I could miss that comic book. It’s the kind of story that I love. There’s some Elmore Leonard in it. Therefore, some Tarantino too. It’s a buddy movie/comic with great dialogue I’m jealous I never thought of writing.

The movie itself has flaws, but it’s very solid, has some great acting and you never take your eyes off the screen to pick up your phone (which is the ultimate movie disease these days).

Bottom line: always listen to Ross RIchie. And go and buy a copy of 3 Guns (the comic book sequel) tomorrow morning!


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