Why I like working with female artists

It would probably be sexist to say there are differences between male artists and female artists. But there are. I’ve been very lucky to work with some incredible artists, male or female. And don’t get me wrong, in the end, only the quality of the final comic book counts. But I find really interesting to work with a female artist and here’s why…

“The Women are not visual thing is BS”

Who ever said that was a jerk. Women can be just as visual as we are. But in a different fashion. And while they’ll be interested in art in general, and in a comic book in particular, they can still enjoy a great story pencilled by a not-so-great artist. The story will always be front and center when it comes to women and comics. Period. And it’s the right thing (Yes, I’m biased, I love women who read comics).

Now, what happens when the woman is the artist and there’s a man (me) writing the story for her? Usually, I get tons of feedback. Ideas, suggestions, thoughts. And all that with NO ego. Just good and smart thinking to help make a better book. Because it’s a collaborative medium and most women are very much happy with team work.

Of course, in the end, I’d only write what I want to write. But writing for a female artist, you’ll have to be ready for the challenge. Ready to leave your ego in the fridge. Ready to up your game and ultimately become a better writer. And if they don’t really like what you’ve written but don’t want to hurt your feelings, they’ll draw your scene their way and will show you how it’s better. And you’d be a fool not to accept those suggestions when they’re awesome.

In short, writing with female artists makes me a better writer. Thank you ladies.


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